Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Inner Piranha

My inner piranha is a very sleepy, lethargic fish. I haven't been exercising like I should be lately. And when I get anywhere near the end of the day I feel like sleeping.

Your inner piranha is that energetic, munching, instinctual drive to get the job done. It's guided only by what is true, something that inhabits the void of each of your cells. But it needs occasional meat, needs to munch on what you provide it. Maybe it munches on you if you don't provide it with anything better.

So by that theory, that's how you go downhill, because you allow yourself to take off, then your inner piranha gets hungry and starts eating away your energy. Of course it can't go on forever like that, because once you're eaten you're eaten. Then what becomes of your inner piranha?

It doesn't really care. By nature it eventually dies.

[UPDATE: I'm back, to post the links. It's interesting. It's only been a few minutes, and now I come back to Boy Leg and notice my first inner piranha post of the day is very short. You can tell something was going on, that I wasn't as inspired here as I became. That actually is the inner piranha in action. Check out the second post at Dada Boheme. It's longer and has some good insights on the nature of organisms and nurturing your inner piranha, or failing to do so. Then the third post, at dbkundalini, is also longer and more in depth than the above one. There I dwell more on releasing your inner piranha, so that makes a very good mix for the night.]