Monday, January 5, 2009

Now That's What I Call Music

I'm on a never ending, slow motion quest to get all the "Now That's What I Call Music" CDs at Goodwill.

My insistence on CD condition changes day by day. Today I was very lenient and picked up a beat copy of 20 and a beat copy of 21. The other day I wasn't so lenient and missed getting one, I can't think of its number. It was beat. But you know, if you smear toothpaste on them you can get them to rip. I did it with a couple other CDs.

I just checked my shelf and it looks like I only have three others so far, but I thought I had more. 11, 13, 16. The big problem is I never remember which ones I have, and it seems like I had two copies of one once. Who knows?

I was a little more lenient with 20 and 21 because I was keeping track of current music when these songs were popular. I drift in and out, and right now I'm out of it, not interested in what's going on. So, the way it works is most of the others, 1 to probably 18, I wasn't tuned in. A very narrow window.

It's funny that these CDs tend to be beat up. You figure the main audience is under 17, they must use them to ice skate on. The weird thing is they manage to get them in the right CD case before they dump them off at Goodwill.